11 comments on “Post4Peace, Give Peace A Chance

  1. Your answer to #4 could be mine. I don’t know why I’m not into The Voice, I’m just not.

    I’ve blogged for peace, too. It represents my heart, plus, when My Queen commands, I respond.

  2. This post was stolen without permission cracked me up. I considered stealing Gal’s post as well. It was a good one for Ukraine. Breaks my heart what is going on there.
    I can only handle so many singing shows too. I am actually tired of them at this point. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


  3. You’ve been blogging peace with me since the very first one in 2006. It wouldn’t be the same without you. Gal’s post is wonderful. Her peace posts always are. I appreciated the charity links as well. I wish I could write as succinctly as she can. I’m a wordy-girl.

    Thanks for all the promoting you’ve done this month on social media and here. It helped more than you know. Next week after things settle down a bit, I will fix your blog. xo

  4. I suspect many of us should not settle – for a great many things. But we do. Comfortably numb.

  5. I love that saying “look for the helpers”, and there are many of them helping Ukraine now. I was disappointed when Adam Levine didnt win on American Idol all those years ago – but he is so talented he had a career anyway. I stopped watching the year Crystal Bowersox didnt win. Seems like teeny bopper votes carried the day in both cases.

  6. Another Superman fan. I didn’t recognize the names of many of the favorites others have named. I, too, watched every George Reeve show.

  7. Its good to see you are still a rascal. And a fun read. Those are my three favorite charities. God help Ukraine. Putin certainly is a sick old sob

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