14 comments on “She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah Yeah

  1. I would love to see Buffet in concert, but every time he comes here the concerts (he usually does 2) are sold out within minutes! I have yet to get lucky enough to get tickets.

  2. First of all, I could not be happier that you and Mimi are you and Mimi again. YAY!

    Second, Sir Paul had Buffett play at his private party at the Hamptons. Since I was not on the guest list, I cannot say with certainty that they jammed, but you know in your heart they did. I know we’d both have loved to see that.

    Third, I can’t get over how quick my darling Rizzo has become New York’s darling. It hasn’t even been a month yet (and he had covid for 10 days). I’m thrilled, of course. The Cubs treated him like shit this year and he deserves all the love that’s coming his way. If the Yankees sign him, I’m sure he’ll spread his philanthropy to out there, too. Right now, fans just seem to love his glove. Wait till they see what a genuinely wonderful person he is. (And meet his dachshund Kevin, quite possibly the cutest badly-behaved dog ever.)

    OK, I’ll stop now. This comment is almost as long as the post, isn’t it?

    • Rizzo is a class act! Just love him. I hope they sign him. It’s complicated now that our regular guy is back and playing out of his mind. He’s not got Rizzo’s glove nor his class…

  3. I had to chuckle at #1 because I told my students the other day that I don’t like “woo woo” music (90s R&B).

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