11 comments on “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me

  1. I wondered how I would handle Michael Weatherly as Bull, after so many years as DiNozzo, but it was time for DiNozzo to leave–he had nowhere else to go, and it only took a couple of episodes before I believed him as Bull.

    • Not really. His rules are real “Laws of Life”. Bud’s “Laws” are not serious at all. They’re meant to be funny. But on the other hand, remember: I Looked at THOUSANDS of laws to pick my 50+. Because I do believe in every one of them. They’d be funny, yet they’d be true.

  2. When people cut in front of me or whatever, I try to tell myself they’re probably having a bad day, or maybe their dog just died. It makes it easier to tolerate.

  3. I learned patience while teaching. Especially when I have to repeat myself five or six times.

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