9 comments on “Bigger Men Laugh

  1. Love your answer to #1. You should be like Gibbs on NCIS and publish all your “rules.”

    You get extra points for including a Marilyn gif from the exact movie mentioned. If only there was somewhere to redeem those vaunted Saturday 9 points.

    A 3-night/2-day weekend vacation means you arrive after 3:00 PM on Friday and leave before 11:00 AM on Monday. You get a discount booking this way because it makes life so much easier for the hotel or Airbnb.

    Do the twins know about a floral arrangement that arrived for Valentine’s Day at The Castle? (You’re a secret sweetie, aren’t you?)

      • NO. You arrive Friday after 3:00 PM and leave Monday before 11:00. FRIDAY NIGHT (1). SATURDAY NIGHT (2). SUNDAY NIGHT (3). Promise you’ll check with me before you book another flight/hotel package. I don’t want you to end up sleeping in your rental car Sunday night. The backseat really wouldn’t comfortable for you and the twins.

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