4 comments on “A Christmas Wish

  1. The holidays are hard. My family is not exactly Norman Rockwell, either. I don’t like my sisters and they don’t like me. It’s difficult to hear songs about the glory of being with family around the tree when you know it’s not going to happen. Or if it does, you’re sure it will be more like a gathering of the Mansons than the Waltons.

    Similarly, my aunt and my cousin have not spoken more than perfunctorily in more than four years. Like you, she has no idea what went wrong. I know, but I’m staying out of this one. I have my own internecine battles to fight. (See above.)

    Which is all my long-winded way of saying I get this post and I get you. My advice to you about Christmas comes from Col. Sherman Potter of the 4077th. When the troops complained about being so far away from their loved ones over Christmas, he told them, “If you’re not where you are, you’re no place.” That’s what I keep telling myself this year, when I’m housebound and alone on the Big Day. I’m going to try to make the day special with Zoom and movies and prayer. And faith that 2021 will be better.

    You’re a good guy, Bud. I know it in my heart. Hang in there.

  2. This holiday looks so different. I have yet to decide if I’ll spend it with my family. And I haven’t wrapped anything. I’m so behind the 8-ball on this. Anyhow–sending you much holiday cheer!

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