12 comments on “Looking For a Smart Woman in a Short Skirt

  1. ahhhh Bud… I always enjoy coming over…thanks for always trying to be nice. Good for you to be able to set aside politics… once I KNOW someone is a trumpet, it’s hard for me. If they are Republican but not a trumpet, it’s all good.

  2. I’m hoping the temps get up to the high 60s (or maybe 70) next week! Right now it’s in the 40s. Yesterday was in the 60s. Maine weather is fickle.

  3. Our temps are still in the high 70s and mid 80s, but fall is definitely coming.

    Do you really think that in generations to come there will still be cowboys?

  4. Those cap guns that had a place to put a little roll of gun powder dots in. My bro and I had them. We also played Indians and learned to slink through the leaf litter in the Eucalyptus groves around mother’s farm. It was fun.

  5. Just a note. Based on a suggestion by Country Dew, I am changing the day I post Sunday Stealing questions to Friday instead of Saturday, so people have time to answer it on busy weekends.

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