11 comments on “The Wrong Meme & Other Distractions

  1. It says so much that you can correct yourself… that’s a good thing, You love your grandkids… another good thing… I like those songs. Thanks for changing the link for us

  2. I’d go with Disc #1 of the White Album. It’s funny, but with time I enjoy Pepper less and less. Now obviously the music hasn’t changed since 1967. I think maybe I’ve read so much about it and don’t think it lives up to the hype. (Oh, I do so love talking about The Lads.)

    • You are correct. When someone ever says (the don’t like the Beatles then they do not know music.)
      Check out your favorite band. They will say that The Beatles influenced their writing their sons…

  3. I like Sergeant Pepper’s, too. Been a while since I heard it, though. GPS isn’t always right. It thinks my driveway is about 100 feet away from where it actually is. We have roads that are closed to GPS navigation because they are narrow little paths.

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