19 comments on “What Does Sex Have to Do with It?

  1. I believe men are better at jumprope than women. Based on my unscientific observations at the health club. Frankly, I think our boobs make it more awkward.

    I want that jacket! (And how cool of your mom!)

  2. I saw Sir Paul at Citi Field in 2009. The concert was released on DVD as “Good Evening New York City.” I almost died when he brought Billy Joel out to sing with him.

    I wish I had a jacket like yours.

  3. I’m not a concert goer but while DH was in college, about two hours from where I lived. We went with his roomy and his girlfriend to Atlanta Rhythm Section who played at his school. “Imaginary Lover” was their biggest song at the time I think. I told my folks I’d probably be late getting home. They were upset when I finally got there after midnight. I was a sophomore in high school so you can imagine the worries going through their minds. I’d like to say now to them,”I’m sorry for putting you through that!” Becoming a parent taught me many things you can never know if you’re not a parent. Thanks for sharing your responses. Have a good weekend!


  4. Oh wow! Cool jacket and I’m betting you turned the Gal completely green with envy! I confess I once paid $700 for 2 front row seats to a concert. The price included a meet and greet and a photo with the artist.

  5. That’s a cool jacket. I am too overweight for a denim jacket anymore, I’m afraid. Maybe one day. HA.

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