12 comments on “Another Saturday Night

  1. I am guilty of not listening to more current music. I listen to the adult pop but that’s about it. Can’t do the hip hop and never was into heavy rock or metal. I stalled out about the mid-1990s, when my writing career took off and I didn’t have time to really look into new music. I found I wrote better to Sheryl Crow than any other artist and tended to play her songs, along with Melissa Etheridge, more than anything else around that time.

  2. Lobster!
    #3 My favorite, right now I am up at the Cape and just about any restaurant you go to has lobster dinners, I like the Lobster Pot in PP’town the best because the have Lobster Newburg.
    Where I have my cottage in Wellfleet they are known for their oysters, just about every salt flat in town has oyster beds and they harvest 15 million oyster a year!
    #9 I notice that myself. Just imagine the kids of today being stuck with today’s music!

  3. It’ll be exciting to see you return to The Land of the Memes. How about Monday? Or weekdays are a meme-y desert.

    PS I hope you’re feeling strong and that your results reflect that.

  4. Hahahahahahaha….#2 is my mom! She still writes checks, it drives me nuts!
    I try to keep up with current music and I was doing great until about 2 years ago…now I can never find anything I like…except Billie Eilish…I like her.
    I had an echo a couple of years ago, just to make sure everything was ok with my heart. It was fine. I hope your results are good too!
    I will keep a lookout for your meme! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.


  5. I left a comment and it got ate or something. Ok, I was saying #2 is my mom…she writes checks all of the time and it drives me crazy standing there waiting. I don’t think she even has a debit card.
    I had an echo a couple of years ago and it went well. I hope yours does too…mine was more for my own peace of mind.
    I will be on the lookout for your meme! Monday might be good for me, we are going to a 4 day school week and we are off on Monday…well every other Monday, we have to do Professional development. I would have no trouble posting, but my visits would be late on other days. It doesn’t matter though. I go with the flow. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend. *fingers crossed it posts this time* * do you put your comments in moderation?*….you might have several posts from me….hahahahaha


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