4 comments on “Me? I’m Retired

  1. Oh Bud, if I didn’t have to go back to work tomorrow, I would do these memes everyday with you just for the giggles.
    My friend Toni started Tuesday 4 many years ago, but she sadly passed away in December. I am so glad it was before the covid garbage. Anyway, we have another friend that has stepped up to do Tuesday 4 in her memory. I met Toni (online) when my son was born and he just turned 22. I sure do miss her. Loved your answers! Have a nice Tuesday. Have fun with the memes this week. I wish gal would have thought about you doing these in the 5 months I was home from school!


  2. OK, here we go. I’m giving you a link to someone who is an innocent victim. Don’t take off on her.

    But the questions! They were written by another Crazy Lady who has since made her meme closed to the public. (<<<I know, right?) She's the one who went off after Bev so viciously, threatened to call the police and, for no reason any of us understood, outed Kwiz by publishing her full real name.

    Wait till you see the questions. Crazy Lady really thought she was funny, and that the meme was about her ability to dazzle us, not giving us an opportunity to answer questions to get to know one another.

    ANYWAY, remember that AllStarMe is NOT the Crazy Lady, so when you do these, don't mention her. Just go there to pick up the questions.


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