7 comments on “Meme for a Monday

  1. I’m going to play this now. After I respond, I will read your answers. And I’d love it if you ressurected this and made it a regular Monday meme. Bring new energy and twist of testosterone to our Mondays!

    I posted the link to the Crazy Lady’s Tuesday meme on your Sunday post. I DO NOT ENGAGE HER so I don’t play. True story: for Sat 9 I did Sammy’s “Candy Man.” She frothed at the mouth about how it was a “Hollyweird” conspiracy to promote drugs to children. No, really. You don’t want to give oxygen to her paranoia, Bud. WWG1WGA!

  2. I have a tribble sitting on a bookshelf in my living room, given to me by David Gerrold (a friend). It appears to be infertile, though.

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