10 comments on “Rolling on a Coaster

  1. Y.E.S. to NCIS. Of course, I love it for the heavenly contrast between Mark Harmon’s white hair and blue eyes. I suspect you have a different motivation.

    I bet you were everybody’s favorite substitute.

    I’d chosen New York, but Kwiz selected Vegas. Maybe we should all meet up there. You’re right: there is no place better to spend a long weekend.

  2. Substituting is tricky–the balance between letting kids do whatever they want and keeping some sense of routine. Forget about trying to teach!

  3. In Rochester where I went to undergraduate school had a large deaf student population, they used to dance right up in front of the speakers they could feel the beat.

  4. Love NCIS for the chemistry among all the characters. I don’t know if there was chemistry in CSI.

    Re sign language, I just realized I can’t make an “S” any more because of arthritis.

  5. I hated being a substitute teacher. I did it for a year and that was enough. The story about your daughter and roller coasters was sweet.

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