15 comments on “They Call Him God

  1. You were ahead of the curve with your sensitivity to animals. I know you’re also a vocal supporter of big cats, too.

    The Thermos question: you watch, some people will actually care! I noticed that lunch boxes don’t seem to include them anymore, and I asked my friend Kathy (who, unlike me, enjoys the rustic life) whether Thermoses are still a thing. Oh. My. God. The “good ones” are crazy expensive now and have sturdy handles and are BPA-free and … I think she may still be talking about it.

    I’m glad YOU can see the Cubs because I can’t! The owners are (pardon the pun) playing hardball with Comcast/Xfinity. Since they parted company with WGN, they started their own network and Comcast/Xfinity is resisting their price. We’re running out of time for a deal to be struck, and I’m beginning to panic!

  2. I thought that they were same also but I cheated and looked it up… It has to do partly with their smiles. One has sharp pointed teeth.

  3. amen on the commentary… now he is hiding stats on covid… not allowed to tell CDC the facts because it doesn’t work with his reelection campaign. blech.
    your virtual dog is so cute, and forever young

  4. I have wanted a robot dog for long time, since I’m allergic to the real thing. Agree with you on the commentary. I hope your family get-together goes well and everyone has a smashing good time!

  5. I have never known anyone that did not like beaches. I am glad you are having your family BBQ, that will be fun. Have a great time! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

  6. I hope you and The Queen get together soon–it will make excellent blog fodder!

    Enjoy every darn second of your family gathering!

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