15 comments on “Don’t Shoot The Piano Player

  1. I’m glad you have a couple of people checking in on you and hope you can find enough to keep you busy so you aren’t bored out of your mind. I can’t imagine. My husband’s here with me and our daughter is next door so she pops in once a day with or without the grandkids…and it’s still pretty boring.

    Maybe Happy would like to meet my Poodle, Daisy. She was born on April Fool’s Day. Ha!

    Take care of yourself, Bud, and stay healthy!

  2. A friend of mine used to work for the Chicago Tribune — Amy’s home paper — and confirms that she’s wildly popular. Her readership makes their “star” political columnist crazy. He maintains he’s a serious journalist and an opinion maker and HE should be the one they promote. She thought it was revealing that a serious journalist would want to see his face on the side of city buses.

    I thought I would enjoy this time of lock down more than I do. I have a hard time concentrating on anything. I think it would be better if I wasn’t worried about the stock market (smart Bud) and disease and job security and ….

  3. #5 Bagpipes! They sound like they are strangling cats!

    You are lucky you don’t live in New Britain, I think everyone there has an accordion. Every Christmas party at work someone would bring out their accordion and start playing a polka… let me out of here!

  4. I like my own company but I’m over myself with all this isolation. Thankfully, my sisters are checking in with a group chat and I can email my parents every day. Virtual school is a whole new experience for me–at least it gives me something to do!

  5. I am starting to be alone more and more as my husband recuperates and gets back to his life, leaving me with my “stay at home and be lonely and depressed” one I had prior to his surgery. He has yet to return to the firehouse but when he does if this virus thing is still going on I may have to ask him to stay at a hotel. I can’t imagine how he can be with all of those EMTs and not bring the thing home to me.

  6. My Kingdom for a dog like Happy. He should meet my Homer. I must say your creativity is still on point, Prince Budwick. After all these years, your blog feels like home.

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