12 comments on “Go Ask a Drag Queen

  1. Let’s see: watches, earrings, backpacks, brief cases, cuff links, tie clasps, sunglasses, belts, trucker caps, baseball caps, neckties, pocket squares … You’re right. Drag queens are the only men who accessorize.

  2. I remember back in my college days in Rochester I had to make a separate trip home with nothing but my records. I had the trunk and backseat filled with boxes of records.

  3. After years of working in radio, I had quite a record collection–now it’s mostly a CD collection but I don’t even listen to them anymore. Streaming is so much more convenient!

  4. I hope you can get weaned off the pain meds. Since they’ve discovered using them can lead to heroine which is a HUGE problem here in western PA, a lot of doctors won’t even prescribe them and if you do run into one who will a lot of us are scared to death to accept them. Only 2000 records? I’d expect nothing less from you. 🙂 I’d send you mine, but my son took them.

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