2 comments on “Divorce 3: There’s a Pattern Here

  1. Oh, I got through it! And as a 62-year-old woman who has a checkered romantic past herself, I say your reality is more interesting than the fantasy of the twins. (Provided, of course, it really is a fantasy. I’ve never been completely sure.)

    Your son sounds like a really good egg. You should be proud, and you must have done something very right for your relationship to be this strong.

  2. I got through it, and frankly I’m interested to know what drug you’re on. I have a terrible time with depression but I don’t talk about it on my blog, though some of my regular readers have guessed or can tell. The drug I’m currently taking doesn’t work all that well and many others I’ve tried, I have had bad reactions to. It’s freaking miserable and living in a rural area doesn’t help, because there are no decent therapists locally (I’ve tried most of them). I am sorry about your marriage but if you’re both unhappy then it is best to part. My parents stayed together and I hated them for it. My mother is dead but my father is still alive and we don’t talk much, but then he’s a lot like #45 so that would explain that. You take care of you and just do the best you can, Bud. Thank you for sharing this. I wish I were that brave.

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