12 comments on “First Time, Long Time

  1. My doctor of thirty years retired and I’m meeting the new one in January. Ugh.

    PS–are you writing your book yet???

  2. Congratulations on keeping WTIT going. I haven’t lost any doctors yet (they are all younger than I am), but my dentist keeps threatening to retire. Ack!

    • I would have said five years ago that he was the real deal. Now he’s a scared dude a year to retirement (guessing here) and while he’s now covering-his-ass I have too much pain to convince a new doc during this opioid crisis that “I need opioids to get out of depression.” Seriously? Who’s that? The junkies are in boarded buildings. I’m lucky that the PA is taking over.

  3. I hope the new specialist has answers! Sometimes you just need the right doctor. When I was suffering with pains up and down my right leg, they tested me for DVT and diabetes and arthritis … they could tell me I didn’t have those, but they couldn’t treat what I DID have. One session with a chiropractor and I was on my way to relief. I wish the same for you.

    Also happy to see you’re on good terms with Bloggingham. 😉

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