3 comments on “The Real 1% Serve Our Country

  1. Thanks, Dad … I mean, Bud. But you ARE the originator of these blogs and we take you seriously.

    What happened is really simpler than it appears. Bev found an old-ish meme post (Wednesday Medley) and stole it. She linked to the poster she stole it from, who in turn linked back to the place she stole it from. You know, like every weekend for more than a decade.

    WELL, it seems Wednesday Medley acquired a new author since the long ago entry Bev stole. It has a new logo and different questions*.

    The new author went all Edward G. Robinson on poor Bev. “This is MY meme, see … nobody steals from my meme without proper attribution, see … I’ll call the coppers, see …” OK, I like thinking of her puffing a stogie as she terrorized Bev, but that’s just me.

    So thanks for coming to support her. We loves ya, Bud.

    And nice Veteran’s Day sentiments, too!

    *The style of the new questions was stolen from me. Really, this crazy lady used to play Sat. 9. Maybe I should fucking call the police.

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