8 comments on “Brown, Charlie Brown

  1. Pierce Brosnan was my favorite Bond. I have a friend — a purist — who believes that’s blasphemy and Sean Connery is the *only* true 007. But I get what you meant in that there’s a similarity between Robert Wagner and Roger Moore.

    I’m not familiar with that Chicago song! Was it an album cut or a single?

    Hope it all goes well with your houseguests, and I’m glad you’re settling in.

  2. PS I hate to be a nagging bitch, but it comes so naturally to me. Please visit Sunday Stealing and give Bev your support.

    I don’t know if you’ve read your email, but a self-important crazy lady has gone off the rails, thinking somehow Bev is out to ruin her meme and Kwizgiver is in on it. THE POLICE HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED, BUD! She has family in law enforcement, you know!

    Anyway, I’m sure Bev could use an atta girl from Sunday Stealing’s paterfamilias.

  3. Love that you and Kathy are enjoying your new home so much and that you are getting to use the new studio with all the WTIT guys. You are blessed to have been close to your dad and all your kids. That is getting to be more and more uncommon from all I hear from people.

  4. Hey Bud, I loved your answers. I’m close to my dad, too, and hate to think of a time when he’s not here. Glad you and Kathy are settled in so nicely.

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