10 comments on “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Yesterday was a bad day for Cub fans. A fucking ridiculous loss to the Cards … the evaporation of our playoff hopes … the last game on WGN … I don’t so much mind missing the post season. To borrow from your dad, we haven’t been “lovable losers,” not this century, and I’m satisfied with that. But this team is lovable, and I just know that now they’re going to be unloaded for a rebuild. Schwarber, Heyward, Joe …these goodbyes are going to be tough. I love this specific group of guys, and now it’s over.

    How cool that Kathy knows her way around both a drill and the makeup counter!

    Good luck with your sister.

  2. Wait a second–you’ve been married SEVEN years? Holy hell time flies!

    Good luck with your sister. Steps have been made to ease the relationship with my eldest sister, too.

  3. Hope it goes well with the sister. I didn’t speak to my father for over 10 years. We talk now, but it is still strained. I don’t expect to get any better but at least we are speaking.

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