8 comments on “Two Tickets to Paradise

  1. I’m surprised you enjoyed being a boss. I mean, and I say this with all due love and respect, you are such a smartass! Though maybe an iconoclastic boss would be refreshing. (Hmmm … the Gal said, tapping her chin and musing once more.)

    I’m glad you have Kathy to help you solve problems and stay out of trouble. 😉

    Happy new home! I read your comment on my blog and bet that just makes it all the sweeter.

    • I was probably better at being a smart ass. My favorite radio was in 1989-1990 doing a morning show. They already had a morning guy so getting the interview puzzled me. The GM said, “While Mike is a great morning host who knows this town well, he isn’t funny. I need a smart ass to make the show better. I said, “I can do that”. So I did a couple of shows with him and got the gig.

  2. Congratulations on your move and getting you studio back up and running.
    I’ve been to Bloomfield’s senior center a couple of times for special events and before I retired I used to go up to Combustion Engineering on Day Hill Rd. for the weekly production meetings

  3. Congrats on having the move under your belts and being so happy in your new digs! It sounds like it’s a perfect fit.
    Johnnie’s story was very touching. You were a good friend standing by him. I often think, in spite of the smartassy-ness The Gal pointed out, you are a big old softie and a sweetheart on the inside. Or maybe age is mellowing you?
    Enjoy your new home and make many happy memories there!

    • I always said that whatever I do in the end I wanted my kids to think “great dad”. It was hard when I first was estranged by my youngest. But that had to do with her love for her step dad. But my son, is an exceptional good person. He has taught me how I can even be a be a better person. I try each & every day. And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make…

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