10 comments on “From Moving to Billy Joel

  1. Good luck on the move! Hope it goes smoothly. (I don’t want you lifting anything heavy. The Gal worries, you know!)

    Last time I got a pedi, the nail tech told me about one of her regulars — a tall, husky truck driver who comes in 4x a year to get his toenails cut, buffed and painted with clear polish. Apparently he’d had trouble with nail fungus and his feet just feel better now that they’re professionally tended to. And he now buys his wife a salon gift certificate for every holiday because he’s there anyway. WHICH IS A VERY LONG WAY OF SAYING, maybe you’d like it. 😉

  2. Who doesn’t like Billy Joel? Well, other than Christie Brinkley?
    Moving…how exciting! It’s great that you have someone to pack for you. I hate packing for a move. Fill us in on the new place once you are settled.

  3. Good luck on the upcoming move! My dad gets pedicures now (no polish) but he loves the attention of the nail techs.

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