6 comments on “No Title No Problem

  1. I love the way you named your studio! Generating laughter is a great way to honor him.

    I never took Rick Nelson seriously, always dismissed him as an Elvis clone, until 1999. That’s when Sir Paul did Run, Devil, Run — a CD of old-school rockers, his first real creative work after Linda’s death. Paul talked about what a great singer Ricky was, how influential Lonesome Town was, and how hard it was for people to separate the choir boy good looks from the music Ricky created. And I thought I was guilty of that. I don’t think I’d ever listened to Ricky without seeing him in my mind’s eye at the malt shop, or with Mom and Dad and David.

  2. #1 I remember sitting at McDonald’s on the Berlin Turnpike listening to all of you on the radio POP, DRC, and CCC; a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then.
    I don’t like the new WDRC format.

  3. What a fitting tribute to your friend! I’m glad you all got to celebrate 50 together. May I ask, does the vaping help? Is it better, worse, the same as far as pain management compared with the opioids?

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