10 comments on “Too Old For That Crap

  1. Welcome back, Bud!

    How cool that Babs married your two favorite songs in a medley! I keep meaning to download her new album because I adore her. But I’m so behind. I haven’t even got Egypt Station yet! Sometimes I think we just have TOO MUCH media to consume.

  2. I need to pick up the new Babs album–maybe that will be Christmas gifts for my Dad. Nice to see you back in the bloggerhood! xo

    • Thanks Allison! The time seems right. And unlike Facebook, there is a certain ease because we don’t use our names and such. I’ve had a few posts that I wanted to have people read, but then I just re-post it rather than share it

  3. There you are! So glad to see you back. Hope the book-writing is going well. And don’t worry about playing like Jimi – just pick that guitar up and play it when you feel like it. I will never play mine as well as other people but it suits me and that’s all that matters.

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