6 comments on “He Has to Go. Now.

  1. I agree 110%, Bud. There isn’t a measurement where he comes up as “decent.” I was just reading about his wife’s success at her first state dinner, which she handled beautifully and worked very hard at. It got little press coverage because Mr. “Fake News!” would not allow the press to attend. No press at a state dinner. Stunning. So her success is overshadowed by the pretend chip on his shoulder. (Oh yeah, and she gets to explain Stormy Daniels to her pre-teen son.) So I think we can agree he’s not Husband of the Year material.

    Then there’s his appalling lack of knowledge about/appreciation for the history of the country he now leads. He didn’t go to Barbara Bush’s funeral because no President has attended a First Lady’s funeral since JFK went to Eleanor Roosevelt’s. Um … Bill Clinton SPOKE at Jackie’s graveside service in Arlington. He’s said Americans have never had a President who didn’t have a political background. What about Eisenhower? You know, the one who was President when Trump was a kid. You know, the one who helped SAVE THE WORLD. This week he referred to Republicans as the original champions of civil rights, which I suppose is accurate. But he said, “If you go back to the Civil War, it was Republicans who really did the thing.” THE THING? He dismissed the Emancipation Proclamation as “the thing.” And, of course, there’s Frederick Douglass, who Trump says is “doing amazing things” and “getting recognized more and more,” even though he died in the 19th century.

    He complains about Fake News, but he still hasn’t told us what his investigators found in Hawaii about Barack Obama’s birth. And what about Ted Cruz’ dad and Lee Harvey Oswald?

    I could go on, but my head hurts.

    I believe the center will hold. We’ve seen this movie, Bud. We know what’s going to happen. Congress is going to flip in November and come January, when Mueller presents his report, it’ll be impeachment time. We may be shocked by Trump, but our savvy forefathers saw him coming. Just hang on!

    • I got SO much shit on Facebook when I posted it. And while I have over 4100 “friends” the ones who took me to task were two of my original DJs at WTIT. Now one has COPD level 4, and was a navy guy (although only 5 months and was never out of the US.The other is now a rich in the 1%. I finally stopped. No saving those who won’t listen…

  2. Agree with every word. I feel disgraced and shamed every time I see that man on TV. I live in a rural red area and cannot fathom how so many people still agree with him. It makes me ashamed of my community and my nation that this man is our “leader.”

  3. Seeing this late but I could not agree with you more. I don’t know whether to turn off the news because I can’stand another minute, or keep it on so I can continue to watch our country disappear.

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