12 comments on “Just As Good As We Sign

  1. (blush) Thank you! I love this little group and both Sat 9 and Sun Stealing. I don’t know if I saw your note about your mom, but if I didn’t, my condolences. Mine is 98 and fading away quicker and quicker–essentially very healthy but can’t remember longer than 10 seconds. It’s to hard to become a parent to your parent. I don’t know how I’m going to feel when she finally reunites with her family, whom she misses so much. Probably guilt at the relief, but deep sorrow that she’s not there any more.

  2. It’s good to hear from you again. I missed hearing about your mother back in February, so please accept my sympathy a good bit late. Losing a parent is a difficult thing no matter how ready they are or how much you are glad that they aren’t in pain any more.

  3. Bud is back! Bud is back! Yea!

    I am so glad you’re liking your new home. You seemed a little melancholy about leaving The (not so) Little House on the Prairie, but this sounds terrific. And, as one who has to haul her fat ass and her clothes down four floors to the building laundry room, I’m jealous!

    I was just talking to a friend about being “an orphan.” Her husband lost his mom right after New Year’s and, for a rather stoic gent, he’s taking it harder than she expected. She said, “You know how it is. You lost your mom, too.” And I blurted, “It wasn’t just losing my mom. On top of that, I was an orphan.” It’s such a big river to cross, isn’t it? It feels so important. Not that the passing of our moms themselves isn’t important and painful, but it’s even bigger than that somehow when she was your last parent. A part of your life is just gone.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I still think about my parents every day. Sometimes, I am pretty sure that they are in the room whispering stuff into my head (no- not the crazy lady kind of voices…) as a reminder or something.
    Then I lost my schnauzer a few weeks ago. She had a series of strokes and I had an issue with a vet tech at my vet’s office so I did not have her put down immediately. She wound up passing in her sleep. I keep looking around for her. uuggg…..
    Anyway, enough about me.. it’s good to have you back. You are right that we may have lost much of our crowd to facebook but, we have some quality folks still around making weekends fun. I’m not on Sunday much these days as I have purchased a restaurant that thrives on Sunday mornings (the kind where people wait an hour to get seated). Take care.

  5. You’re working on your book! Hooray!!!

    So glad to hear you and Kathy are settling into your new place. You’ve been missed. 🙂

  6. I enjoyed your story about your adventure with the stewardesses. I hope the grieving process has been therapeutic and I’m glad you have a new home to enjoy. I love to look out the windows.

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