12 comments on “Notice Not Required

  1. Nothing keeps people in the house faster than cold weather. At least around here. We were cursed when people kept wishing for a “White Christmas” and that crap actually happened. Weather was perfect before all that went down…. If I wanted to live in Alaska I’d move mfa there 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Ha! That video is great. I hate to admit it, but my putting on false eyelashes works out about as well as when you do it. I’m with you on needing very long extension cords for heaters right now. Stay in and stay warm. Either look for SS is fine with me. Does this mean you are taking over again?

  3. Cold cold! Yikes. We are staying in too, but mostly because we’re both sick. Nothing worse than when both are sick. At least if one of you well somebody can go get groceries.

    Regarding SS, personally I don’t like white type on black. It is (a) hard to copy over into a blog so you can answer the questions (not sure why, but it always gave me trouble), and (b) harder for me to read. I also thought it looked, I dunno, happier. Are you taking it back over?

  4. I like white, or light backgrounds, with dark letters. SS is the only blog I will read who does this and that’s because I really like SS.

    Oooo I have to watch that fill in for Kathy…lol!
    #5 is so you and so hilarious!
    Stay warm!

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