10 comments on “Just Mow the 3.5 Acres

  1. Did you mom giggle at Young Bud? Or did she find your early comedy stylings annoying? I ask because I would have said that about Dr. Harvey, too, and I know how NOT FUNNY my parents regularly reminded me I was.

    According to one of my landlords, I had a studio with a dining room. According to me, I had a 1BR because my bed was in there. One spring the roof leaked right over my bed and I called to let him know it was raining in my bedroom. “But you don’t have a bedroom.” AARGH!

  2. Renting can be dicey. I’m a landlord and I know it’s hard to see it from that side but honestly the things people do to property is sickening. I dislike it so much that unless my current tenant leaves the place looking halfway decent (not a given since she has literally put holes in every single visible space on the walls), I am going to board the place up and leave it empty. I wish you much luck in your home-hunting endeavors.

  3. The story about your younger days was funny. Did your Mom react well to your comment about Dr. Harvey? If I had said that to my folks, I would have been, as the old saying went…picking my teeth up off the floor.

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