17 comments on “Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

  1. I’m sorry about your friend. It’s hard to cut loose someone who has been a friend for so long, but sometimes you just don’t need the garbage that comes with them in your life. I hope he gets some help before it’s too late.

    My daughter sounds a lot like your sister in that she’s the only one that puts anything into her relationships. She’s getting married next month. :/

  2. That’s a pretty shitty story about your longtime friend. I’m truly sorry for all you have gone through in recent times. Very much suck there. Sometimes you need to cut the toxic out of your life, though, and it sounds like that is what you have done there.

  3. Oh. I forgot to comment on the meme!! I’m 40 – will be 41 in September – and though I’ve worn glasses/contacts since I was a 12yo, now I need some readers. My eye doc told me not to bother looking for them in the drugstores, though, because I won’t find any in the strength I need. Awesome getting older, huh? Like you, I am shocked about my own age. How?!

  4. I have a BIG birthday coming up and yeah, I’ve got to own it, too. Though it hurts (in my ankles and my self image).

    I’m sorry about your friend and all the attendant drama. But it sounds like you did the only right thing.

  5. Creepy indeed. Poor Kathy. And all of the drama that it brought with it. Who does that when they are a guest at someone’s house? Oye vey.
    I am a fan of the pool as well. It is way less messy than coming home with sand in parts of the body that sand does not belong in. 🙂 Take care.

  6. I had a friend (past tense) who loved Captain Morgan and she polished of the 750ml bottle and fell right on her face in front of my brother and sister-in-law.
    My eyesight is getting so bad that I now have Chrome set at 150% so that I came write this comment.

  7. Ewww–poor Kathy for having drunken gross dude experiences! And you made the best possible solution to a sticky situation.

    My students continually think I’m a good 15 years younger than I actually am. I never know how to take that (am I immature???).

  8. You youngins make me smile. I’ve only worn distance glasses for about 15 years. But the reading glasses came much earlier than that. About your age, to be honest. ;o)

    Bud, that “frienemy” story. Gah! I hope that you get past it but it’s a very big deal! I’d say, HUGS but it might not be P.C.

  9. Sorry about your friend. That is a loss in lots of ways, I think, but you will deal. I appreciate your sharing it. And I think it was really good of your wife to try to let it all go so you could enjoy your celebration. She should get a rose or something for that.

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