5 comments on “Wherever the Parents Weren’t Home

  1. Not playing this week. No reflection on you or the questions you stole, it’s just that the subject of high school makes me go all Janis Ian.

    I recently watched Roseanne for the first time on the WE Channel (now they’re showing Will & Grace, which is a much better show). I am impressed by Laurie Metcalfe and John Goodman and Sara Gilbert and even the kid who played DJ. The only character I cannot stand is Roseanne. She’s not an actress, not by a long shot, and I don’t even think she’s funny. She’s shrill and coarse and mean and it strains credibility that everyone in this little southern Illinois town finds her so charismatic. So I wish they could have a Roseanne reboot without Roseanne. (I shall get off my soapbox now.)

    • The thing was the Roseanne wrote & was showrunner. Kinda hard to do it without her. I think comparing it to W & G is unfair. One is a very liberal, smart show & the other is smart and very white trash….

  2. I am impressed that you went to a school with a wyvern as a mascot. I don’t think I know a single other person who would even know what that is.

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