6 comments on “Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

  1. #3 — Who the fuck has a deck? My “backyard” is a blacktopped parking lot for my neighbors (who are always whining that there’s STILL not enough spaces for their cars and motorcycles). Walk up and down my street and you’ll see lots of garden swings (though to be fair, no one is napping; everyone is looking down at a smartphone). You ARE going to miss that house when you move back to the 21st century, Pa Ingalls.

    #6 — Do you think he’s done enough penance? Perhaps. After all, we now life in a world of “alternative facts.” (Confession: I’ve always loved his voice. You’re Mr. Radio. You must know good pipes when you hear them.)

  2. I am really unhappy that CBS removed Scott Pelley. I liked how he was calling out Trump. I hope your house sells soon. And don’t you dare give up Sunday Stealing.

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