14 comments on “Always Read the Small Print

  1. Somehow when I was not looking I got appointed matriarch for the family. My generation has become the patriarchs and matriarchs of the family and it is scary. All the aunts and uncles are gone.

  2. That is so sweet about your mom and Kathy and the crystal.

    This song. I know! I chose it because it gets played so often, especially this time of year, SOMEONE must like it and I aim to please. But I’ve heard it on a transistor, on a stereo, on vinyl and now obviously digitally and fuck if I know what he’s singing. “It seems to me the Barrymores are put in the wild blah blah ending. Left unattended. What do we do?” Indeed, Gilbert. What do we do? I could look the lyrics up, I suppose, but I’m too annoyed at him for his undecipherable diction. (<<<< Now gets off her soapbox.)

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