7 comments on “Providing Alternative Facts

  1. So with you on Mariah and the song. Several songwriters collaborated on the Jackson Fives’ rendition, and she can’t do it justice.
    No kidding? A liquor store?

  2. … and you know how he paid to settle that first lawsuit, don’t you? He sold Sony the rights to “Yesterday.” I don’t blame Sir Paul for being horrified that his best-known creation went to settle a child molestation suit. (Of course, I try never to blame Sir Paul for anything.)

  3. I loved your answer to #1. And I agree with your last sentiment. The whole administration is one scary bunch of loons. As a former news reporter, I really take umbrage with being called “an enemy of the people.” Maybe he ought to look in a mirror.

  4. I can only eat a 1/2 rack at TGI Friday’s
    If you want prime rib you should try Bernies in Chicopee, I was there last week and the prime rib lasted three meals!

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