15 comments on “Seriously, Who Cares?

  1. Your answer about hot dogs and toppings amused me because there’s a myth that in Chicago, somehow people are ostracized for putting ketchup on a hotdog. Last summer I was at Wrigley Field and the out-of-towners sitting beside us actually thought they would get on TV with a hand-lettered sign that said, “Kris Bryant puts ketchup on his dog!” You’re right. No one cares about condiments.

    It makes me sad to see Alan Alda aging. I wish medical science could do something about that. He meant something to me growing up.

    • He played my favorite character of all time. I also enjoyed him in “Same Time Next Year” because all he did was act. I think he got too big for people to tell him “no”. That said, I loved the 9-10 story arc of him on ER. I could imagine that we were seeing “Hawkeye” in his 60s. I also love Jimmy Smits. When he and Alan Alda ran against each other in West Wing I was glued…

  2. I didn’t mind these questions at all. The math one, according to my trig teacher in high school, who emailed me, has an answer of 5.975. She did the work-out and I put it on my blog. It’s a good thing she doesn’t hold it against me that I have forgotten everything she taught me! And good for you for skipping the extra pain meds. I am stuck on one Vicodin a day. I tried to stop it and the pain increased to a surprising level. I didn’t think one at night was doing much but helping me sleep but I guess it also lasts a bit during the day. Good luck with your healing. Chronic crap sucks.

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