10 comments on “Going For the Record

  1. Hawkeye. Sigh. I was always a little in love with him. I get so mad at Alan Alda when I see him now. How dare he age!

    Which Lennon bio? The Philip Norman one? I’m curious about that one. Report back.

    PS You didn’t link up to your own meme this week. Get thee over there and do it!

  2. I avoid political discussions with colleagues. even when we’re basically in agreement. They usually end up ranting and I just can’t take it.

  3. Politics and the work place, is a no go. It interferes with getting things tended to.
    I totally misread #12.
    And yes, better alive and tired than dead.
    This was fun this week, bud. Thank you so much for doing this meme every week.

    • You are welcome. I just love all the “meme” sites when I began blogging 10 years ago. Now there are almost none. So I feel I should go on as both a commitment toward the future and as a nod to our collective blogging past…

  4. Hawkeye was a great character! I believe you do have a bit of him in you…and your script isn’t all that bad. 😉

    He might be weird, but Watermelonhead makes me smile.

    As for the book, you can do it!

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