9 comments on “Never Play the Same Song Twice

  1. I am contemplating that time thing, too. My son turns 30 tomorrow and I can’t understand how it’s possible since I’m only 29!

    I don’t know why, but hearing you were nervous driving due to the weather and traffic really surprised me. I guess it’s because you always seem like a very confident kind of guy.

    • ‘REASONS’ by Earth, Wind and Fire. Although it’s about a one-night-stand it was the top slow dance song at the nightclub where we met when I was the King of Disco in 1975. I did not remember her when she contacted me in 2010. Since I nominated her 10X for the Foxy Lady Contest you’d think I’d remember. But I was a huge star in small pond I only remember the ladies who I walked to their cars and Kathy wasn’t one of them.. But we wished we had danced to it so it was “our song” at our wedding. We in fact danced to it tonight…

  2. I am glad you are keeping SS going. It’s kind of like getting a hug every Sunday from a lot of people I don’t know, and I would miss that.

  3. I heard that you all had some pretty tough weather this week and weekend. Sorry I missed SS but hope to be back next week but it looks like a good turn out.

  4. I love hearing about you guys doing your tapes. It makes me weirdly happy.

    And I agree with every single work CountryDew says. I love Sunday Stealing!

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