20 comments on “If You Don’t Know That, Then You Don’t Know Rock

  1. Wow, I am sure the bonding with your friends is there when you came up with a title. I am sure there are still many interesting stories behind your blog. Makes me miss my friends

  2. It won’t surprise you to see that we have similar answers. And I agree with your mother’s original assessment — you rock.

    In case Ms. Kwiz isn’t eager to take this back — or, in case she is but sees this — here’s a site of meme questions that attributes that people who post them. If the well runs dry, I think you could shape these into a Sunday Stealing.

  3. You rock for saving your mom. And your bond with your pals always amazes me when I read about it. I wonder if the younger generation even know how to make friends like that?

    • I’m very lucky. When the old friends returned I realized the whole circle of life thing is true. Billy return after nearly 30 years. He said how glad he was that I kept it going. It gives us a reason to get together. His return led to Gary’s. When we do our 50th Anniversary party in March I hope they all come…

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