15 comments on “Never Trust a Klingon on Your Bridge

  1. Stupid questions are one of the reasons that I took a hiatus. uuuggghhhh… I did miss you and all of the Bud World though 🙂 I’m a Coke Zero person but, will settle for a DC when needed. Enjoy your week 🙂

  2. While you were being all Trekkie, I went to the Fest for Beatle Fans. Let me share my Beatle geek with you … Those first chords of “You’re So Vain,” before Carly whispers, “Son of a gun.” That’s Klaus Voorman! He’s insanely talented. I only knew him as an artist (Revolver, Anthology covers). Had no idea he was such an acclaimed bass player. He looks very good for 70+. Still wearing all black. “Just like he was before he was.”

    Peter Asher is fascinating. Very balanced and clear-eyed in his recollections. Yes, if it wasn’t for Paul and Jane, he never would have gotten “World Without Love” and he and Gordon never would have hit the charts. But being A&R for Apple was challenging, as the principals were not getting along and were quixotic and (implied) high. But, had it not been for Apple, he wouldn’t have discovered James Taylor and become a Grammy winning producer. So it’s all good.So many of the speakers are sycophantic and Peter has his own gravitas, so it was easier to take him seriously (and to see why he and Paul are still friendly after all these decades).

    So there’s still stuff to learn about the act you’ve known for all these years.

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