6 comments on “Not Boy Scout Material

  1. I used to go camping when I worked for Upward Bound. I think about those summers and shudder. Dear lord, I hated camping!

  2. What is up with A-Rod? I just heard that the team is holding a press event of some sort this afternoon to address him. Could he be hanging it up?

    Lox. Yes. Always and forever and at every meal, if possible.

    Next weekend, I’ll be geeking it up, too. The Fest for Beatle fans. My oldest friend — who moved to LA — is turning 60 this year. She’s been going through a bad patch and I promised her we’d celebrate this monumental event anyway she wished. And this is what she wished. We’ll be watching Beatle videos, attending Beatle symposiums (Peter Asher and Klaus Voorman!) and arguing with Yoko apologists.

    You did a good job on the meme. I don’t really remember these questions.

  3. I remain consistently jealous of the Star Trek stuff. But that is what happens when you live in ferkin’ bum-ferk Appalachia where nothing happens.

  4. Ah, a trekkie. Love that intense stare. Worf is my favorite Klingon.

    The boy scouts seem to think they are all going to fight a war someday. That’s why they act that way.

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