11 comments on “God Works in Ridiculous Ways

  1. Oh my God! PAUL! You’ll hear him do “45 Seconds,” the song he wrote with Kanye and then recorded with Rhianna. It was a highlight from last summer’s concert because it’s obvious that’s the number that made him relevant to a lot of younger fans. You know, come for “45 Seconds,” stay for “Helter Skelter.” And his energy is awe inspiring. I’m tired watching him perform in the summer heat. It’s enough to make you consider going veggie.

    Have fun, and when you see His Lordship, tell him I still love him.

    Did you say anything else here? I saw “Paul” and “Fenway” and got all turned around.

  2. My first thought was “I wonder if The Gal’s IRL name is Jane Fenton. Wouldn’t that be so weird? THEN I realized that a coworker of mine is friends with someone with that name WHO WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL IN CHICAGO. Now I’m just totally wigged out. 😉

    Enjoy the show tonight.
    (God is, indeed, quite ridiculous at times)

  3. Game of Thrones is probably great for binge watching – I’ve watched it as it came on. There is one season (I think 4?) that gets a little slow, but hang in there.

  4. I’ve tried 3 times to get into Game of Thrones and never could do it Just not my cup of tea, though I know I am missing a great American obsession.

  5. Thanks for telling me about frozen hot chocolate. I feel a trip to Dunkin Donuts coming on.
    Enjoy the concert! I’ve only paid that much for VIP tickets once in my life and it was worth every penny.

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