8 comments on “Here’s Looking at You, Kid

  1. 1) I loved the movie meme. If others don’t, well, fuck ’em. I don’t think the naysayers realize how hard this meme thing can be. If you want to cheat, just pick up an issue of PEOPLE. There’s an interview in the back every week called, “One Last Thing.” “What’s the last song you sang out loud?” “What was your last indulgence?” etc. Every week it’s there with different questions.

    2) Is that really Law & Order prosecutor Claire Kincaid? Who knew that was going on under her sensible suits?

    3) Really, watch Citizen Kane sometime. It’s a great and enduring story, still relevant in this media driven age. (His childhood is confusing and slow, so you might want to make yourself a sandwich during that part.)

    4) So sorry about your mom. It’s hard to watch and it’s hard to endure. The fact that it’s the natural order of things doesn’t help, does it?

    5) I’ll call my niece. (Thanks.)

    • My mom had a long health life. It sees a bit easier having gone through it with my dad. But I know how I will feel then, may be different than now… (And on 5 – you knew it. Someone had to say it.)

  2. Citizen Kane is a damned good movie, but more from a movie-making/historical perspective than in terms of plot and so forth.

    I hate, HATE HATE Adam Sandler! The polar opposite of my feelings about the Matrix arc and Newman/Redford doing ANYthing together!

    Sorry to hear about your mother. She sounds like quite the woman.

    I’m in when you come to the midwest. 😉

  3. I would go to Chi town for a meet up! It would be quite a hike for me, but I’m game.

    And I loved this meme.

  4. I would love a meme meet up. Would be fun.

    I hate Adam Sandler, too. His movies are very misogynistic. And I am sorry about your mom. This adult stuff is hard.

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