9 comments on “All [People] Are Created Equal Except Ex-wives

  1. As expected we disagree on several of the questions, but I was maybe a little surprised at how similar our thinking is on a few things. Have a safe and happy 4th!

  2. You met Quentin! He used to have the greatest sideburns this side of Elvis! Did any of the DSers talk about Victoria Winters? The actress who played her was — in real life — Klaus Von Bulow’s mistress. It’s hard to find a real storyline more bizarre than Dark Shadows, but she somehow landed to find herself in one. (As you can tell, like Kathy, I was a fan.)

  3. I loved Dark Shadows when I was a kid. Wow. These were strong questions and I enjoyed having to think about them. And you are right, temporary insanity should not be a valid defense. I wish I had thought about the question in that way.

    • I think the temp insanity thing could apply to anyone doing whatever. “Dud I was insane when I killed your entire family. My bad. Can we keep it just between us?

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