13 comments on “Reasons

  1. Well, we can finally agree on something in the political arena. Out of how many people in this country, these three are the best we can come up with???? Pretty pathetic, isn’t it?

    We also agree on humor. Make me laugh and you have my attention.

  2. I always said that some folks had the Kiwanis or the Elks Club. We had AA. Two aunts practically founded it in their neck of the woods, just about every aunt or uncle (10 of them) were alcoholic, as was my father and several in-laws I could easily have gone that route, but wised up one day and just stopped cold turkey. Fortunately I was never a very GOOD alcoholic anyway.

  3. I’m with Gal on this: #20-21 cracked me up. But at least we’d have something to talk about, since that is my favorite word too. 😉

  4. Trump terrifies me more than Clinton, but the low hanging fruit seems to be the only people running for office these days. I guess the smarter people have better things to do. I am afraid we now live in a world of lesser men (and women) than our forefathers once were.

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