10 comments on “Big Cats and Red Lights

  1. Thank you for apologizing for calling me a moron. I am guessing that it is getting hard to find a lot of good memes to steal these days. Memes are like a lost art kind of like politicians who make actual sense. Have a good week@

  2. The trip to San Diego sounds awesome (improved on only if Kathy had been with you for company). The SD zoo has long been on my list of places I want to see and that whole safari thing sounds amazing. Color me jealous!

  3. Your trip sounds great and I’m glad you got to reconnect with your son. Love the photos. And the streaking story. Ha. And I am not a moron, but you apologized later so that’s okay. I am many things, but not that.

  4. I may be a moron but I’m your moron, so that makes it OK.

    That rhino pic is awesome! So glad you and your son had a nice time.

    BTW, How do you feel about Julianna Margolies? As I was reading about The Good Wife series finale, it occurred to me today that she reminds me of your girl Jill.

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