10 comments on “Older Than Dirt

  1. I’m with you on the loan/gift thing: I don’t loan unless I’m prepared to never see whatever it is again (books, money, whatever).

    Can’t wait to hear about SD! Love love love that city, and obviously your visit went well as I didn’t see you on the news 😉

  2. I also don’t money with the expectation of getting it back. I loaned money to a friend to fix his car, he was paying it back until he got married and his wife stopped paying. Five years later when he got a divorce he started paying again.

  3. Apparently, I don’t watch enough television. Other than Idol I’ve never even heard of any of those shows.

    It took me a while because I didn’t have a wise parent teaching me the lesson, but I’ve finally figured out not to lend money unless I can give it and never think of it again.

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