10 comments on “You Can Say That I’m A Dreamer

  1. Why does Ryan Seacrest have all those jobs? He seems like such an adequate little fella. Surely there are people out there (i. e., Bud) who could do some of those things better.

    If you see Paul, tell him “thank you” for me. And that I love him. I’ve decided I don’t want to meet him myself. I don’t see how he could possibly live up to a half century of foreplay. Remember the Peggy Lee song? “Oh no, not me. I’m not ready for that last disappointment.”

    • I can relate. When I worked his concert I stay outside his door post concert> When I realized that all I could say was “I love your music – I left…

  2. Bud, use notepad to cut and paste, and the numbering disappears. You have to put them back in but it gets rid of the hassle.

  3. Eliminating the need for money is great. I don’t think they have money in Star Trek’s world, and I always loved that. Everyone had what they needed. What a wonderful dream.

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