14 comments on “A Thousand Reasons Not To

  1. Aha! I missed that you were back together. Sweet that you said “yes”. I wish you every happiness.

  2. I don’t trust nouveau baseball fans. Changing affiliations is just sick and wrong. And yes, I wish your dad could see this Cub team. They’re so good and so young that if this isn’t the year, then next year might be. When I think of people like your dad or mine, who never got to see the get there, I feel a little guilty for getting to.

  3. We appear to be the only ones who have experienced same-sex ed. I suspect the age difference makes a difference – I was in college, you were much younger. I don’t know about the up-and-coming generation – that patriarchal thing is still going on. But same-sex ed even at the higher learning institutions are having trouble, because no one wants that type of education any more. My alma mater is not struggling at the moment but only because it has strong alumni support.

  4. I think your summation of Tom Cruise is spot-on. From my standpoint, he’s not hard to look at either, but OMG he needs to keep his personal life and beliefs to himself.

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