14 comments on “Baby You Can Drive My Car

  1. Your poetry reminds me — I was embarrassingly old before I understood that pearl necklace had two meanings. In fact it was during the OJ trial. Johnnie Cochran misspoke and instead of “Columbian neckties” he said drug dealers often gave “Columbian necklaces.” The guys I was watching with were all smirking and I was all, “What? What?”

  2. Your horticulture skills sound like mine; the plants are either screaming “Help I’m drowning” or “Water, water… I’m in the Sharia Dessert” I seem to go from one extreme to another.

  3. I love Carmax so much! It’s actually FUN to car shop there, because it doesn’t take all day and a kidney donation to get out of the building with a car.

    I’m glad you and Jill are still in contact. 🙂

  4. You make me laugh! Thank you! Also, I’m trying to imagine what color the walking dead are. Going to look it up.

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