8 comments on “Just Don’t Major in Math

  1. Good luck with not drinking. It takes awhile to create a new ritual for relaxation. Sounds like things with Kathy are progressing nicely.

    And I’m waiting to hear the track of the storm, it has potential to be our biggest storm of the winter (and it’s coming on the first day of spring!).

  2. Back Bay is one of my favorite places in the world! It reminds me a lot of Chicago (which IS my favorite place in the world).

    Because of my tenacious tummy trouble — which started on December 23 — I haven’t been able to drink. Which means I had to go through all the Christmas and New Year’s parties without drinking, and then several dinner/theater gettogethers and the Cubs convention without drinking. I haven’t missed it. But I have noticed other people are weird about it. Maybe a sober Gal is less fun. Maybe my abstinence makes them feel guilty. So I’m giving you that heads up: be prepared for, “You’re not drinking?!?” and “C’mon, one drink won’t hurt you.”

  3. I just read an article that said that the most successful ‘quitters’ are the ones who go cold turkey. I’ve gone cold turkey on sugar, beef, and a few other things. I also limit my alcohol to the weekends only- although I have cold turkeyed that before and probably should do it again.
    Hope all is well with you and Kathy.

    • Alcohol is something that’s hard to “cut down”. Besides, it would still lead me to the same place, but slower. I’m not sure I could quit beef…

  4. I thought The Rose was the best movie ever. It came out when I was about 17 and playing guitar and singing in a rock and roll band.

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