4 comments on “Through Thick & Thin

  1. Bud, I was so sorry to read this. I believe you were there for Debbie in a meaningful way. I KNOW that, after my mom died, comments you posted on my blog touched me, and I imagine your words were just as important to her. Sometimes people find themselves in a place where they can’t/won’t allow people too close, and perhaps that’s what was going on with Debbie. (My oldest friend is battling chronic clinical depression and when she goes too long without reaching out, I always fear the worst.)

    Hang in there. And, of course, at times like this you should ALWAYS listen to the Lads from Liverpool. “In My Life,” “Watching the Wheels,” “HELP!” Let John put voice to what you’re going through.

  2. This hits so close to home.
    Ditto, what Gal said. You were there for her, and no one can know what your friend may have known she was facing. Only she knew.

    • You never want to become the story, so I’m not feeling that I had some ability to cure her. She had two sons who were always out of control. That caused the first divorce. Her trying to get the boys help was a daily struggle. Then her 2nd hubbie left…

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